Our Projects

Our inception was based almost entirely on the principle of using tech to solve community problems .It's what drives us to continue developing and further enhancing what's already there. So far since mid 2016, we have managed to initiate and improve the following projects. Click the text to view more info

The BloodDonor Mobile Application was created with the intention of crowdsourcing people to donate blood for emergency victims and regularly. The project plan was to make it easier for potential donors to get blood donation request simply and for there to be a ready database of blooddonors whose data was to be collected through the mobile application
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Stimazaz Mobile Power alerts was developed as an innovative yet simple way to map out power outages all over Kenya. The intention was to allow data on the occurence of power outages in Kenya to be publicly available and allow people to find out the status of power outages all over the country
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App is still in development :)